Saturday, October 10, 2015

In the dead of night

Tobias Dahlberg

In the dead of night …

tiny child of two or three
stood there at my father’s
bedside late at night face
pressed close breathing
his breath - waiting for
a fluttered lash – until as
sudden as sprung shades
in that black night his eyes
opened into mine shining

me back to myself sunlit 


Up Close & Personal ~ Micro Poetry


  1. This reminds me of a young child feeling their parents' sleep for the first time--wanting to breathe with them--wanting them awake and yet not--beautifully penned

  2. This must be the sense of growing up, separation yet together.

  3. Wow, so beautifully written – grabbing me and leading me, fully engaged, up to that sunlit end.

  4. This resonates for me as one who often crept into my parents' bed at night when wakened by nightmares.

  5. this contemplation of sleep from a child's mind is glowing

    much love...

  6. Haha! As if proximity had little to do with the awakening! Beautiful.