Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Legacy Blossoms - A Birthday Offering...

For Dear Nurit –
A true noble woman far more precious than rubies.....
Happy Birthday, today, tomorrow and all the year through ….

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The Legacy Blossoms

Emerged as a blossom from ash
Sparkling from one sea to another
Spreading her wings to create and
Shelter-celebrate her children and
theirs – passionate recipient and
giver of love in all its many forms
Emerged as a blossom from ash
Witness bearer, swimming from
aquamarine seas to wherever
voices call –listening with
an orchestral heart to the music
of the Universe - tears of pain –
tears of strength–tears of joyful
Emerged as a blossom from ash
to stand - mighty as the oak
delicate willow weeping with
the beauty of simple being –
loosing each rustled leaf of
perfect poetry
drifting in the wind of time
well- spent – floating
new blossoms into
loamy lushness –
vanquishing ash in
light and legacy –
because of 
in spite of
it all – it all 

"What is to give light must endure burning."
--Viktor Frankl 

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