Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Gilded Cage

Gold Diamond Texture by Ian L

The Gilded Cage

He bought the cage and lined it
with competent care–
filled tiny cups with seeded
fuel and cool water
and when all was ready
in cupped hands placed
her gently there
Placed that cage in a window where
he thought the sun would bring her to song
instead the creature bashed in self assault
against the bright gilded bars all day long
Screeching in double, treble endless time
beseeching mercy, release a simple easy
flight out into the waiting soaring sky so blue
She screamed and screeched for six years through
bashed her tiny head into the unyielding cage
for six years she screamed in unheard outrage
The hapless humans, peeked tisked and clucked
added each failed attempt at escape to their list
Then brought another prisoner – watched her to be kissed
this the final insult trigger they, as all, completely missed
A compassionate one might this final direction surely guess
next morning the tiny feathered fighter surrendered - gone
stiff-legged on her back, vacant eyed and free
Free- finally,
after a fashion,


  1. That would be why the caged bird doesn't sing..

  2. Freedom, I guess, is more or less what you make of it!

    Rain on the Rooftop

  3. Perhaps no one likes a cage….everyone wants to be free….

    1. Ah yes Annell - precisely - even a gilded cage is still a cage :)

  4. Very clever use of the words! And a strong commentary on the caging of animals! Strong writing!

  5. Thank you Wabi Sabi - much appreciate your stopping by :)

  6. Oh this is so sad Pearl. Humans can be so selfish.

  7. The poor thing! What a life - I feel for her.

  8. Very sad write-so bu eloquent --really a wonderful write

  9. a lot of sorrow is self-inflicted, when you think of it. well, it's normal, of course.