Saturday, February 22, 2014

Egg Shell Trust

Egg Shell Trust  

 trusted me to bring home the eggs
true, not a test with a very high standard
but a trial - in form of course
where I could put my eight-year-old  mug on the line and 
erase the dozen other tasks  I’d blown, 
like a stick in the wind of my older sapling-siblings.
She trusted me to bring home the eggs,
I walked each step pride poised as a high-wire guy
suspended between store and doorway until 
I reached the room where she lay, 
gray and trying for a smile against the white sheets, 
her breath wafted sweet as rotted apricots – 
waiting for me to unlid the box and reveal
those dozen eggs, gleaming, unscarred, perfect
in her egg-shell-shattered world, 
She gave me a thumbs up -
and for a mystic moment 
in a shivery shaft 
of setting sunlight
all was healed


  1. Even bringing the eggs back from the hens in the garden was test enough for me a youngster but I didn't have a box to put them in! How fascinating that the words took you down this avenue.

  2. The rotted apricot breath is a powerful image..i could picture his every delicate step..taking care..getting a little more grown up the closer he gets to home

  3. This image is both precious and pugnacious: "eight-year-old mug"

    What a delight!

    First Evening Shadows

  4. "All was healed" -- so comforting... "true, not a test" -- beautiful!

  5. "All was healed" -- so comforting... "true, not a test" -- beautiful!

  6. A simple theme, but I don't think anyone could express it more than what you have done here. A lot of emotions revolving around an egg!

  7. Hiya Pearl, Found this to be smoothly seductively effective, as I read it - whilst still noting its edginess and ambition. An interesting read and I enjoy your lively style...With Best Wishes Scott

  8. Oh so human! the eight year old proudly bringing the eggs, the ill mother affirming, the untold but hinted at backdrop story of the possible moment of pride, to shine in memory against the pain to come. Wonderful writing!

  9. Bringing home the eggs is a challenge for any eight year old.

  10. Beautiful & inspiring---it truly was. Thank you for sharing this to us. Smiles.

  11. Beautiful and inspiring poem, with some great methaphors in there!