Friday, March 21, 2014

soul murder music

Vera Kratochvill

soul murder music

a sudden broken quartet - you and I and our soaring 
shimmered selves  - scattered notes breaking suddenly 
over the green ribbon foreshortened  course of our youth
obliterating the would-be-us  slicing cruel cuts in those velvet 
fields exposing the smashed mirror of slivered hope beneath
flung fragments refracting, reflecting, sharp shards of bright despair

like the sting of flashing riotous wasps
moving into tender skin without warning
your string of words – yep - plenty blunt
burning a brain-brand -your response to my pleas  

like a rival of sea salt on an opened bloodied
wound - your laughter lifted its knife blade again
and again as though it were natural to slaughter my proffered innocence – 
natural to grind my soul in your indifference – 
natural to mill my heart into so much chaff blowing in the wind –

like so much nearly invisible, insignificant flotsam
I lay a dismantled, disoriented, destroyed Job, - lingering on
remnants of the summation of my imagined addition of our one plus one – 
all that remains of the us that never was, and never shall be, is this
broken uncoupled cacophonous quartet
distilled to a single tenuous, tremulous whistle, breaking 
in the darkening sky 


  1. Well, if the two in this poem were a couple, it is definite that they were not well matched. Sounds like a dreadful and torturous relationship.

    I thank you for linking into Poetry Pantry and hope this week you will visit other poets as well..

  2. My goodness ...I feel flattened after this. What an onslaught. A torrent of words describing something pretty nasty. So much passion on this, even in what comes across as defeat. Some writing !

  3. oh that is a heart-gripping write with painful images - the nod to music and math works well in this... hoping for new songs and an equation that works..

  4. What a strong tragic lament to what never was... especially that laughter curs like a scalpel into my heart. Carve striations of pain and open scabs to create the scar-tissues of nothingness...

  5. Reading this I could hear the screaming in my head!

  6. The words themselves feel discordant and jarring..echoing the pain and the loss..beautifully so I might add!

  7. I wish I had written this. It says what I wanted to say, but I couldn't find the words.

  8. A really 'busy' work! I feel exhausted by the end of it.

  9. I am reminded of going to the symphony and all the people milling around before the performance, 'in the middle of a crowd.'

  10. I love the rhythm of this poem Pearl. Thank you for your warm birthday wishes:-)

  11. Well... That was very interesting.

  12. Love the "soaring shimmered selves".......the tumultuous ride of this poem ends strikingly with that one sustained note....."breaking in the darkening sky." Powerful write, my friend.

  13. A very rich piece and an especially lovely last four lines - great to read... With Best Wishes Scott

  14. I am aware that "soul murder" is another definition for incest...the deliberate and repeated destruction of an innocent soul/personality. Your poem is a powerful proof that some of those wounds may take a lifetime, or more, to heal. This is a painful, pain filled piece of work.


  15. i would surmise there was emotional pain involved here. just say'n.

    hope it was cathartic

    1. One might think - but nope - frankly I haven't the foggiest idea where many of my Wordle word inspired poems come from - undoubtedly someone's emotional pain -

  16. Very very very. In every sense of the word: very. Also love "riotous wasps". Nice work, Pearl.

  17. Soaring shimmered selves... LOVE that phrase!

  18. Wow! I love this, Dr. P. "natural to grind my soul in your indifference –
    natural to mill my heart into so much chaff blowing in the wind –" Excellent lines.

  19. This poem portrays the pain so vividly, that I literally experienced it while reading... Unfortunately, relationship injuries (="soul murder") are sometimes the most painful of all...