Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drifter's Dust

Drifter's Dust 

“Now don’t you fuss little lady” he said holding the bottle
under her nose – soft small arms bound in strips of gauze
“It’s all going be alright” he said giving her his special squeeze
and dropping her with a plop into the wicker trunk in the back
of the pickup as she felt her face fall slack – last thing she
saw was the church tower before the lid closed and the scent
of the green apple he’d cracked with yellow teeth stayed in her
head as the truck moved away to the city in a puff of drifter’s dust 



  1. Dust can be so descriptive….I live on a mesa, above the valley, sage grows here, and lots and lots of dust…so it is in the desert.

  2. Gosh..definitely a case of less is more..has certainly left my mind racing..and I too hope that she finds safety

  3. Whoa, didn't expect that from you. Glad you didn't give an ending.

  4. And they lived happily ever after? The memories?

  5. Curiously intriguing as each reader will interpret it a different way but all the time fearing the worst. However he may just have rescued an injured animal!

  6. Yes, and he's taking it to the vet in a wicker basket!...

  7. i'm agreeing with OLd Egg because of these lnes

    – soft small arms bound in strips of gauze
    “It’s all going be alright”

    How Intriguing!!!

    much love...