Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tiny Marchers - A Bit of Silliness

and now for something light....

Tiny Marchers

Along the edge of the tracks
In tiny files they march
They march in a mess far less complex
Than you’d think 
for a group that
can pass in a wink and a blink
They march on the whiff of sweet
gas in the air
So tiny, so fast
you'd hardly know they
were there
So tiny they march on
the edge of a hair
on the edge of a hair
with spread-armed room
Left to spare
They’re The-Fragments-of-Answers
learned once in
class text – marching
in minds of Pencil-Clenched-Children
as they squinch eye their

Happy Summer Vacation to all children trying to catch the Fragments and those who love their small squinched faces:)


  1. I feel like it should be easier to take classes as an adult, but a lot more fragments fall out of my brain!

  2. I didn't manage to catch too many of the fragments until a few years after leaving school...