Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Tale of Esmeralda La Tish

The Tale of Esmeralda La Tish

Esmeralda La Tish of town Amor was a shimmering girl
In the sun of her nine years – in the smile of her twirl
Known all about for her smiling and grinning and such
She was a shining girl nothing bothered her much
Until the day in the park leafing through page after page
Her eyes fell upon something that bubbled unfamiliar a rage
A rage that came rolling like thunder yard, by the yard,
changing her status from peace to action in one single flash without guard  

Spied she a hate full word painted in red on the curb of the seat of a bench like a murderous slash
Like a slash in her world of puffed clouds and sky blue
Spewing venom like thick tarry muck from a spill-bottle of goo
She rose from her bench this shimmering shiny girl with a twirl
Tried to wipe it away with handfuls of ripped words from page
after page
But the blood red word stayed and fueled this newly felt unstoppable rage
She felt her own blood pulse hard, drum loud in her ears
She felt the thunder of righteousness pound down through the years
From all those who had suffered with no one to speak
She knew she would do something right now as her outrage took form, became solid and thus hit its peak

Esmeralda La Tish that shimmering girl
Sat down on the smirched bench with a smile and a twirl
Came to rest near the steps of the courthouse with a smile sparkling deep in each eye transformed into living stone for a good while
And now these long years since that bright sunshiny day
People travel by trains, jets, and boats here to see and to say
That shimmering glittering statue of the girl with the book
A vision of all that is good appeared when Esmeralda was took
A remarkable likeness of that shimmering magical girl with a book
That hid with her body, her marbled words and her breath
The haters words obscuring forever and ever their particular hook
Was a strange thing in the sparkled town of Amor by the sea
The seated shining girl statue appeared to sit down at the end of a twirl –
And still unto today her smile beams over the town from that high point on the steps of the courthouse by the sea –
the unmovable, irrefutably lovely mysterious icon that came there for all to learn from and see,
in the town of Amor where no hatred can ever be 


  1. Prolific Pearl - I love the sentiment behind this.

  2. This is a nice story, Pearl. A romantic tale of what life could be like in a small village.

  3. Love "Esmeralda La Tish" what a great tale, Pearl.


  4. A well spun lovely tale. Thank you, Pearl.

  5. Wish she could sit on bench here in this town.

  6. So wonderfully Pearl. Could be an episode on one of those "Ever after", "Once Upon a Time..." anthology series. And "Esmeralda La Tish" is a great character (and name!). More of this one, Dear, I absolutely adore it!

    1. Awww thank you Walt - delighted I stopped to spam mail before calling it a night and found your comment which is sending me to sleep with a smile :).

      (Oh almost all of my poetic friends comments have been going to spam since i wrote a poem after the Boston Marathon with the word 'infidels" in the tile - a leetle creepy... No matter what I do everyone keeps getting dumped into spam! )

  7. A thoroughly delightful and enjoyable story. Thanks, Pearl, for the smile.

    1. Oh Misky - thankee - you've now given me a smile with your lovely visit :)

  8. Oh wow I really enjoyed this what a unique tale loved it