Monday, November 26, 2012

Catch Up PAD - Days 21, 22, 23,24, 26 Whewwww

DAY 26.  A "Something I Would Collect Poem"
Dreams and Wishes 

If I could collect dreams and wishes
I’d keep them in a horizonless aviary where they
Could fly free and safe from the winds
Of ever realized limitation’s lament

~ DAY 25. Opposite Poem
(opposite of )
Gathering our minds
Letting go of possessions
Hurricane Sandy

Loosening our grip they
Hold tight to mouse pads
And faded pictures - all sorts
Of stuff – clutched in clenched fists
Refusing to move – determined to hold
Back the encroaching tide
As waters rush inexorably forward  

~ DAY 24.  The Truth About 
The truth about truth
Unfolding orgami
Dependent on hands

DAY 23.  A Deep Poem

The Pebble

In the tumbled clink
Of a pebble
Down an empty well
I hear

DAY 22. Paradise Poem 
Bird of Paradise 

In crowning orange topiary
Craning as though readying for flight
It blooms


DAY 21.   5 Song Poem

that you are 
closer to fine

“Hey, Soul Sister” 
kick that prince of darkness
to the curb
and secure yourself 

        (Imagine, Closer To Fine, Hey/Soul Sister, Prince of Darkness, Secure Yourself).  



  1. Oohh .. so many goodies here! My favorite is, "The Pebble." I can see the pebble drop and bounce back up in your line format. I love how you have given such a visual with so few words, too. Love it!

  2. Perfect, Pearl; you're gathering poetic stones even after evacuating for a major hurricane! Given those conditions, the challenge would have been over for me. These are wonderful!

  3. Aww thanks Richard / just dashed off few quickly to stay current -Mhmmm currents seem to be a major feature nowadays :) thanks for stopping by ...