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Friday, October 2, 2015

One call

One Call 

one call was all it took
to run through the wind
crash into your chest –
share our nexus of lips
press-in clavicled crook 
one call to toss threats
of punishment – a list-ing
willow tangled in summer
wind – my fifteen-year-old
face flush with the tender
new born ache of wanting –
that swear to never forget
left in a blazing chamber of
my young heart even now -
ready to run

again –


  1. Yet another beautiful image in word. I can see her running. Sense the sweetness...

  2. Ready to run again..nice twist at the end.

  3. What a sweet memory of youth. That eagerness we once had for an embrace or kiss. Wonderful.

  4. What a breathless and vital poem - that call certainly makes your heart thump and your legs and soul ready to run - oh to be young again or to run for anything but the bus - a heady, dizzy and wonderful poem to start the day!

  5. How I remember that first teenage kiss that set a lifetime quest for yet one more.

  6. Gorgeous. Such memories should be renewed again and again.

  7. at fifteen even a wink is enough; have an awesome Sunday

    much love...

  8. "our nexus of lips"! Oh, I would go back in a heartbeat!
    "... a list-ing
    willow tangled ... " to lean in again
    Thank God for memory, as it is impossible to restore innocence except in dream and fantasy. I am reminded of the dangerous, delightful innocence of the early 1970s. I'm glad I survived it!

  9. the press of the poem,
    the rush of words,
    the fluidity of rhythm
    the choice of theme

    All nice.
    All very, very nice.

  10. beautiful, fresh, nostalgic - all at once.

  11. Oh, this is wonderful. I can see the fifteen year old you - and me - in those first yearnings. And feel that Something in our older hearts ready to run never gets old. Loved this one, Pearl.

  12. That rust of first love is incredible and you are right, never forgotten. Spencer is Kanzensakura

  13. Good as ever Pearl... "face flush with the tender
    new born ache of wanting" I love that!! and: "ready to run again..." Great! With Best Wishes Scott

  14. There is nothing like that feeling of young the nostalgia & the way you wordled.

  15. What a sweet an special memory to keep us ever alive and our hearts young! Wonderful....

  16. ahhh...a poem expressing love. wonderful.

  17. I felt the:
    ... fifteen-year-old
    face flush with the tender
    new born ache of wanting

    Nice. Randy

  18. This is so romantic, and perfectly captures the all or nothing time of teenage years.

  19. Fifteen, I remember so much about that year. Love your capture of that time in one's life.

  20. Oh the passion, the yearnings, the youth. Beautifully crafted!

  21. Young love full of passion and mistakes. Well written.

  22. Young love is so sweet and you captured it beautifully here.