Sunday, September 20, 2015

Evict Edict

Evict Edict  

It came in a plain white envelope
that word evict - in stark black
glowing like a poor magician’s
parlor trick – titillating threat
to vanish her ephemeral home
by sleight of hand – whoosh –
Such things should not come in
plain white envelopes such a
threat should not deny its evil
intent – it should creep up to
the door and dash away in a
black cloud of stink leaving the
stench of the valley of the death
of hope burning behind – Now,
she sits envelope dropped to floor
hands over her ears waiting for
the fear to subside – waiting until
with a rush of sudden inspiration
she stands, throws open the door
and runs in a free-flee-glee of
slapping feet into the nick of time
over the horizon.  


  1. Sometimes it takes the very worse to get us to move toward the place we truly need to be. I'm glad she ran,


  2. free-flee-glee - what a wonderful line - yes how stark bad news can be but when we compose ourselves perhaps it is often a blessing in disguise? I do hope so