Saturday, June 8, 2013

Simmering Shimmer

Simmering Shimmer

There on the way to the park
No more than a yard
Something shimmering
lies on the pavement
a “Status” statement
stained with the spill of something 
strawberry ice-cream
Or so 
she thinks 
as she bends and lifts and reads
a surrendered-to-the-Universe
spewing of spurned love
come to rest here at the curb
Leaving only the 
“How could you?!!!!!???”
held like fighter jets too impossibly huge for her hand 
hanging onto a corner -  
Thunder rumbles suddenly in the hot summer sky
Jolted she turns with quick steps back home
Dropping the sticky question in the trash  


  1. Or does she have a guilty conscience...?

  2. Second Verse, Same as the First! You are in full stride, Pearl!

  3. Oh fantastic =)