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Sunday, November 27, 2011

WORDLE # 32 - Spinning Still

Spinning Still

In the morning rush of spinning untidy thoughts, the fragile fulcrum tilts
With an unwanted shudder subliminal messages sent rustle rise, sneering 

At my struggle back toward mellow, you sleep on, satisfied, smug, ruddy
In sunshine spilled on rumpled quilt my gullible face flashes, shimmers, stills

Clear now, in the morning rush of spinning untidy thoughts, truth tumbles fulcrum freed


  1. I cheated when I saw that you had already done the wordle...I never look at anyone else's until I have given it a shot but I'm glad I did. This poem is pure love the second last line...and then the last! WOW!

  2. Aw thanks Janet - I too never look at anyone else's - just write what comes and go back to sleep. THANK YOU -

  3. Great write, Pearl. My husband sleeps on, morning person me is up and at it early. :)

  4. PKP you are the cleverest and most economical wordler I've come across!

  5. Yes, I am on facebook...cannot find an e-mail address here so I thought I would comment. If you search for Janet Martin I might show up. I tried to be just 'Janet' on poetics Aside but it told me that name is in use so I used my middle name as well. I still need to ask my girls for half of the stuff I do on the computer. I was going to invite you as a friend on FB but I have never done it before and my girls are asleep:)

    Take Care. Two more days to go!!!

  6. Hi Janet I cannot find you at FB... my e-mail is

  7. What a grand, straightforward use of those formidable wordle words. You have made it look so easy!

  8. Thank you Viv, Brenda, Janet and Marianne... Wordling has become a favorite part of my week.... I greatly appreciate your comments ! :)