Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Wanting

The Wanting

down cobbled stones she hears her own wanting-heart
thumping hobbles dragging dread uncanny closer until 
transformed - pantingly vulnerable as any empty-head
heroine smothers all - she simply waits breathlessly for
some swart heroic swoop to rip the disguise from her
pallid poem and fill her world with rounded vowels. 


  1. Wanting is like an empty street where our lonely footsteps seem to echo louder than the emptiness and wanting within - such a perceptive and beautifully written poem

  2. Love the last line. Nice alliteration and yes I can identify with the vacuous heroine...I have a weakness for rounded vowels:)

  3. A wanting to a maiden is a period of waiting. The more desired the more elusive it gets!