Wednesday, August 12, 2015


are they still killing
in the name of peace
are children still
stumbling with bloated
bellies too dehydrated
to cry a single tear
from their sobs
are they still skinning
the vanishing species
and smiling into cameras
are they still arguing about
when and where and how
much will it cost and is it
worth it and how can it be
done and if so who will do
it best and what commission
can convene that will calculate
the precise moment of peace
of mind, and nation and world –
Really? after all the creaking
of ropes and the dragging
of chains – the stench of
human ash – the scourge
of dis-ease born of hatred
ignorance and illness un-
checked – Really? We
marched with arm-bands
and flowers in our hair
and sang songs and
laughed dancing into
a future certain to be
lit by eyes sparkling –
untired – untried -so
untested – and yet –
still this graying warrior
aches and wonders – in
heavy eyed mystification –
Really? Really? Really?

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