Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Matriarchs’ Tale

The Matriarchs’ Tale
(a lil bit of sunday fun inspired by Wordling words) 

from the mouths of matriarchs comes the tale
on many a mutuant midnight to warn and regale
the tale of Meth who danced through the night
calling blazing mariachis in hip jutting motor-might
Meth who smiled with teeth so gleaming winter bright
magician, sorceress, not one soul missed
but for one small boy and one small girl all were kissed
only these two no less no maybe more
curled into one another goes the lore
from the mouths of matriarchs goes the tale to spin
that it was only these two innocents left to begin
to begin a dance of love with clear eyes and soul
untouched from the blazing burn of Meth’s black hole
until one midnight as mariachis played
Meth called and a now grown man and woman stayed
Stood strong and firm as about them townspeople bayed
From the mouths of matriarchs comes this tale
of the hold of Meth and the two that did not fall and fail.
And as, the band played on wild and whirling fast
Others drew to the two that seemed to - in love last
That did not fall in gasping breath and grasping lust
More and more turned as Meth burned out to dust
Now the mariachis call only laughter to each soul
All freed from the black bottomed gawping hole  


  1. Maybe it only takes those two, a golden couple standing there against the lure of sorcerers.. Meth can be the dance, of death.

  2. This is really an entertaining tale...those were extremely difficult wordle words to use and you wove them well.

  3. I also loved the ending and loved Meth as the main character of the the tale!

  4. I love the two innocents who held my mind as I read of the adult debauchery all around them.

    1. Thank you Sherry - was just playing around - happy you enjoyed...

  5. Very clever use of the words, Pearl!

  6. Thank you Mary - just posted over at the Pantry - will be back to read - I just rushed this one off this morning and did not care for it very much gave it another

  7. Very intriguing.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Personally I was annoyed with the Whirligig words and told a different tale. How long will it be before the biggest killer of our young is recreational drugs? I think the world has taken a wrong turning somewhere. At least your two stood up and resisted.

  9. the sound of matriarch and mariachi is fascinating. it was like seeing the two bloom amidst a noisy environment

  10. Well woven bit of mythopoesis, Pearl. I also liked Meth personified and the love that stands true to commitment toward self and other.


  11. O my goodness! In the midst of darkness, a tale of great hope. Thank you, Pearl!

  12. Very creatively woven. Bravo!

  13. Great poem subtle in its critiques.