Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mother Blasphemy

Alone In Sundown by Amateur Pic

Mother Blasphemy

There rustling in the crisp dry leaves in
my chest I recollect the sweet summer
day – we stood on the deck be-decked
in the spill of golden sunshine -
monkeys’ minds mad chatter
quieted-We were born whole-
together, liquid hearts gelled
in essence of each other and
though it well be blasphemy –
it is mother blasphemy – for
certain my Love rose above
all Power – and I reveled in
obliterating- joy banishing all
others–this new I in full-glow
wet with blossoms-bursting
in tumbled time –newborn
as you, my infant son
together–forever I thought,
until platituded – prophecy
fell –cooling our shared
sun, setting monkeys
to mindless chatter
once more as
plague swept
the smile from my soul –
We lost each other as
the wind blew - a new
chapter without me
my name unwritten
from each new line
until left bereft
alone - but for
that rustling
in my heart
of blossoms
dried to dust
wave you
well on

I will keep you sweet baby boy softly in the rustling of leaves
in the wind. I will dry my tears and hold your sweet small body
melting into mine on the flowered deck of summer, though the
winds of autumn blow dry and crisp - winter but a breath away.
I will keep you sweet child alive in the rustling of the leaves of
sweet memory as mad monkeys race with thoughts throughout
the trees and blasphemy breathes and I pledge to hold you my
child as my religion - born whole to keep the plague of mortality
banished forever.I shall tear my clothes and my hair before any
harm shall ever come to you –sweet summer child forever mine 
despite the crunch of your footsteps as you turn and walk away –
leaving me with empty arms and dusty infant memories -as you
crunch through the leaves of time walking - man sudden-grown
out of the shadow of my sheltering arms into the glow of a bright 
summer sun of your own.


  1. Tears fill my eyes reading this, dear Pearl. Painfully beautiful...

  2. Awww thank you Nurit - although I would prefer to write a smile and a laugh for your morning.

  3. This is so very well written, Pearl, but so very heartbreaking. It touches my heart....

  4. at first i thought is was a lover, but then realized a child... empty nest a difficult thing for many... loved the texture throughout... also the form of the poem as it dwindles to a single word "I"

  5. What a beautifully written poem...He will always be with in your heart and mind as the child he was...

  6. I too would like to have a summer sun of my own:)

  7. Lovely and heartfelt Pearl - I resonate with this greatly and have always had a soft spot too for the concrete form - which did so much to liberate us all from so many conventional strictures.... With Best Wishes Scott

  8. Poignant, Pearl. A sad reality, but beautifully captured. <3

  9. Powerfully sad. I feel the ache as well as the reclaiming of power in the steadfastness of memory, as set out in part 2. They say we have done our jobs when the chapters are written without us...and yet there is still pain with this knowledge.

  10. oh this is so heartbreaking Pearl..."I" standing alone is almost unbearable...beautifully written....

  11. So sad.. the forever emptiness, a hollow in the chest.. the loveliness and the tearing apart.. Life can have a cruel way of dealing with us sometimes.

  12. Stunning write Pearl--it is so well crafted, but also painful in its heartbreak

  13. such sensual sorrow Pearl… I can feel, it hear it, smell the fragrance of love and loss.

  14. Oh yes, I felt every word of this, Pearl. It could not be more exquisitely written - or exquisitely painful - that summer love infant of years gone by, now a man walking into a summer sun of his own......I know the feeling of loss of those years when we were all in all to and with our children, such brief and fleeting days.

  15. Bravo! A well written piece. Amazing...

  16. I'm not sure if we haunt memory or if memory haunts us. Either way, you have certainly let us be aware of one of the best, and sometimes most painful, aspects of remembering,


  17. My mother heart resonates with this one as my own Love rose above all Power in my infant son.....that firstborn who does to you and evokes within you that fierceness of love which you never knew was possible...and in those early moments, you think it impossible that you will not always be cocooned in this love of "liquid hearts gelled in essence of each other" and then he is suddenly grown and walks off into his own summer sun. Oy. Your words are so amazingly poignant and stunning. So lovely Pearl. You have captured a mother's heart here so perfectly.

  18. So much love and such sorrow to say goodbye as a child leaves home....I love the structure of the poem as it makes a picture....

  19. the poem i shared at PU today has a similar subject with your poem..

    this is heartbreaking. brings me back to the time when my brother's daughter died after 15 hrs after being born

  20. A mothers attachment to her child is everlasting. How well you tell of this and each little death that occurs as they grow and go further apart. When a child is lost there is a sense of failure which can never be replaced. An outstanding piece of writing.

  21. Beautiful lines Dr Pearl! It is such a tragedy to the soul to be deprived of the wonderful moments to be with a child at whatever age! The joy is most fulfilling!


  22. There are the two sides....when we left home, we were eager..but it's not eagerness with which we let them go....