Saturday, March 21, 2015

in the coming a.m.


in the coming a.m.

buried deep in clay –soft in sleep lay
the dream - wild – its end stolen 
past purloined beginnings – 
buried deep in clay ready to rise 
in sunsoaked cloak of powers–
burns the dawning dream –ready 
to arise from clay – to stand on
strong bare feet, to speak in untied- 
tongues -buried deep in clay -this wild 
stirs in the coming morning, as one shining 
human entity shakes 
eoned sleep from eyes 
finally to see, to live the 
wild dream of one world, 
one heart, one collective 
soul risen from cool clay to
sing with one crystal voice –
shimmering from single grain
of stinging sand to arctic glaciers crashing– 
bounding, through all that lies between – 
from the velvet wing of butterfly to the roar
of tsunamied sea–singing as one clear voice- 
All distilled to one shining perfect being – 
spinning the blue marble between the
palm of one hand- this dream–now-realized 
risen-form-from-clay awake. proclaiming in
the soft whisper of a flushed joyful newborn mother – 
in the rolling operatic fever of ten billion threatened
fathers – affirming with one voice – in this one world–
at one time
I am.


  1. Seriously, this is so good & I believe would make a perfect performance piece. How well you managed the intensity in this very encouraging poem. Powerful! Thank you, I have tremendously enjoyed it.

    - ksm

  2. Lovely writing, Pearl. This poem builds and builds to a fine crescendo. I enjoyed "wild dream of one world, one heart, one collective soul ." And "I am One." Sounds like heaven to me!

  3. Beautiful use of repetition - and variations on it. And wonderful the way you keep flowing on, al one sentence, maintaining the intensity.

  4. What awesome pictures you have painted in this real dream world, almost religious in its fervent imaginings.

  5. what a certain write..a real solidity seeps through every building brick of line and word...

  6. At that moment when a child Is born the whole word is focused into that single moment... So many paths seem to merge at this place and time... Wonderful thoughts put down in that perfect pebble.

  7. what power every word releases !!!

  8. Pearl, now I understand your comment about us sharing some lines and thoughts this week. Yes! This poem is magnificent - a cry of hope and strength against all that is in peril. Nothing more hopeful than a newborn. Fantastically powerful imagery in this stirring poem.

  9. The repetition works to build up to a crescendo...this is a creative masterpiece.

  10. I love how this rises and falls on the tongue as I say it out loud...powerful!

  11. This is a tour de force on so many levels, Pearl. I love the threads of the clay and the single voice shining through this dense piece. I also love the way it looks on the page.

  12. This is so lovely! Very powerful use of imagery! Inspired.. :D

  13. So far, in my opinion, your best balanced and wonderful work thus far.

  14. I like the way this poem builds in intensity. Well done.

  15. Very powerful piece, as you read you feel the power building excellent work.

  16. This contains the ebb and flow of mythopoesis, and I really, really like that. The making of a new world which begins with an infant's birth. Good one, Pearl,


    1. thank you Elizabeth ... without being grandiose it is a rare and lovely treat to learn a new word - AND - you were on the same wavelength reading as was I in the writing of this poem - Deep appreciation ...

  17. how to establish one's future, from birth until it got influenced by the surrounding environment.

  18. Thank you to one and all. It is one thing to fling some words out from some unknown place to rearrange and tweak them a bit and throw them into virtual space - as you all know yourselves - it is a delight beyond articulation to feel the words and meaning caught - your responses to this poem have filled my heart and keep me continuing... often I don't quite know "where" the poems begin - I do know that your outstanding encouragement sustains, humbles, and inspires me <3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  19. A dramatic crescendo, like a journey to a destined end, complete, in oneness of spirit.


  20. Amazingly full, thats how I feel after reading this.