Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Clown

In the tumble glass sound
the clown wanders fierce
carefully, oh, so carefully
prey to scorn-fill emptying
his heart -  soft sounds of
laughter a forgotten burst
vanished on the cold wind
they choose -to instill grim
rather than gayety - Scape-
goat he climbs one heap and
another of mad malice he grows
tired. Stumbling, blank, confused
until he passes the sunniest child
hears only the emit of gray groan -
This, this final flat failure of possibility
stamps the seal on his importuning soul
and the clown surrenders. Draws the thick
fleece of hope around his shaking shoulders -  
and stops, for now.
Waiting for the wound to close -
for the tickle of gentler times and
the rolling rollicked rumbled return
of joy


  1. i love the storyline going on in this

  2. Oh those closing lines are just perfect!

  3. Excellent, Pearl. As the poem goes on, I really begin to FEEL for this clown. And the picture you chose, with the beaten down clown, works perfectly with your poem. I do hope somehow his joy DOES return.

  4. There is something very depressing about sad clowns. I liked the tone of your poem, Pearl. I hope for gentler times for your clown too.

  5. The only thing sadder than a clown is our laughter at him... the narrative in this make this point for me.. excellent.

  6. Loved this--I just assigned the Charlie Chaplin song -Smile --to a student this week--the sadness here was palpable

  7. The alliteration at the end seems like a building up of the climactic approaching return of joy...very effective use of word choice and alliteration!!

  8. Oh, what delicious alliteration to round it off! :)

  9. I think clowns can teach us about sadness more sometimes than gladness....

  10. Poor clown to have an intact sensitivity and compassion!

  11. The black and white photograph really mirrored the aching grey soul wishing for colour and hope..i hope it comes back to him

  12. authentic - the tough work of clowns, and poets too.

  13. A marvelous look at the clown crying on the inside.