Sunday, February 15, 2015

for love


for love

there is no science of love
though many have tried to
track scattered pebbles 
from the mountain for a triggering 
 cue –
there is no science of love
how memory lights darkness
seals smallest and most
gaping crack in any soul 
there is some sort of saintly
sheen on love even for those
who hold no truck with such -
grand as the blaze of sunrise
simple as a field of daisies -
love uncontained as it is held
the essence of polarity at play   
No, there is no science of love
to deconstruct would be to
wrestle an angel to autopsy
there is no science of love
just the simple act of magic
mystic glow filling the spaces


  1. I like how you drive home your point by repeating the line: "There is no science of love." (Yet we keep trying to find one, don't we?)

    Replay: To Double Your Whirling Pleasure

  2. Really like your refrain, "there is no science of love", and aren't we glad there is none.


  3. So true. You would not want a science formula for love.

  4. Even writing about love is so personal that with its formula and its reactions so different in every case it is mainly left to poets to describe such a phenomenon.

  5. Science is the enemy of love, but that doesn't seem to stop some from trying to figure it out in a laboratory.

  6. Wrestling an angel to autopsy...what an arresting image...and how likely it would be to happen in some time and place...sadly..beautiful poem

  7. Nice flow, nice phrasing; nice read. Love still a mystery, huh?

  8. Love difficult to dissect in a lab, I suppose.

  9. Love difficult to dissect, yes...

  10. Lovely poem. Nice phrasing, repetition.