Sunday, February 1, 2015

Patron Saint of Sisters - Rescue

Sabine Sauermaul

Patron Saint of Sisters - Rescue

She did not know of her
boundless belief in saints
until that mourning morning
day when spread out at wrong
angles her little brother lay -
fallen -"pushed" they would certainly
say and she would spend each coming
day of her unlived life as guest of the host
of prisons - repenting in repetitious measure
her endless yards of negligence - time inexorably
ticking - as all others ran their race of freedom-there
she sat with held breath and stared, and suddenly he,
little devil sat up and grinned -"scared you there Sister?"
and she in a cloud of humility thanked the Patron Saints
of Sisters for surely he had for that instant he had been truly
dead and so she could only hug him in relief for glorious life - now,
resist her urge to throttle that smile from his smirky, sadistic, lips


  1. Sisters of all kinds are these protectors and rescuers want to know the smirk off!

  2. Enjoyed a lot... the little brother being throttled for being alive made me smile.. Siblings can be the worst and the best .. Love many clever assonances and the pyramid form.. :-) I wonder if there are patron saint for mischievous boys.

  3. I enjoyed the progression of this poem and really smiled at the ending.

  4. Resisting an urge to throttle! What a great line--I enjoyed this piece!

  5. So interestingly told... i enjoyed reading her story, thank you.

    - ksm

  6. This is very cleverly written. I had to read it twice because I enjoyed it so. The form adds to the brilliance of it, too, as well as the alliteration and word choices.

  7. Oh gosh, this is wonderful in all sorts of ways - as others have enumerated. As the older sister of a little brother myself, I can relate to the poor girl's dilemma! And I love the idea of a patron saint of sisters.

  8. I loved this, and in a way I wish there was such a saint...

  9. Much the same with brothers, it must be again Cain and Abel syndrome. I am sure my brother tried to kill me a couple of times!

  10. Oh my goodness, I am glad he was tricking her....the load would have been too heavy to carry otherwise.

  11. Haha! I suspect this echoes parents feelings at times. Beautifully done.

  12. gaps between generations do exist.
    powerful sentiments.

  13. Yes siblings do anything to get the others.