Sunday, February 16, 2014

Conscience Court

Conscience Court

there is no safe support from 
the virus of the mind – no surcease 
from the riot of thought in raucous party 
dress running with wild abandon smashing
the frames of convention peeking around corners 
shouting “Boo!” with tricks that have even the brave 
terror-jump, heart pounding 
there is no cure for the virus of the mind, it must simply 
slash its vicious course saber-through - shattering each protected portal – 
until tempest bored - it vanishes leaving shambles in its wake
Later, only later 

drained and desolate
on some far off,  real or imagined shore 
soaked in light
seeking balance and balm 
visions dissolve into
 distant memory of floating filaments of phantoms
vanished in the comfort of aqua waters of a crystal sea –
only later -  clarity restores when wages for a forgotten debt
have been reimbursed -  thoughts reassemble in gentle cursive
lines of order tiptoeing in the tide, touching grace notes up and down 
white sands of an again unwritten shore


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  1. Really beautiful! I love 'gentle cursive lines of order tiptoeing in the tide!'

  2. Thoughts are difficult to quell..a nuisance and a blessing..sometimes stepping on the beach for a time out helps..for shore

  3. Love the idea of thoughts reassembling as cursive lines of order tiptoeing in the tide...

  4. Gorgeous, soothing writing, Pearl. It starts with angst, then flows into a hopeful balm.

  5. Wow, those were difficult words to use in one poem, Pearl; but you accomplished it well. An interesting shape, and many good lines. I especially like the final three lines!

  6. gorgeous last lines… pulling it all together with grace.

  7. Gorgeous piece, Pearl.

  8. Quite gorgeous, with a wonderful last three lines!

  9. This is wonderful...does it have as many psychological underpinnings and layers as it seems? The way my mind works, I find it running down those fairways so easily...In an case, it's delicious and delightful; your words and imagery, as always, are magic.

  10. "Floating filaments of phantoms" how well this read and how we all must strive for that unwritten shore. Great reading.

  11. You describe well the swirl of thoughts that can create whirlwinds in our minds.....and I love the closing lines, when they are restored to "lines of order tiptoeing in the tide, touching grace notes up and down
    white sands of an again unwritten shore." Beautiful.

  12. I love it, and it truly resonates... I am there with you, dear Pearl, on the "real or imagined shore soaked in light seeking balance and balm..." In the "aqua water of a crystal sea..." By the "white sand of an again unwritten shore..." Thanks for the beautiful depiction.