Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reaction to my being a Writer's Digest, Poetic Asides, November Poem A Day Challenge honorable "mentionee"

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If not a typographical error it appears that I have been given an honorable mention over at "The Street" for my chapbook Love Torn... 10 poems about love, a little laughter and loss.    I am simply tickled - be forewarned that the comment below also posted over at Poetic Asides is more than a little giddy!

“Well….” she gasped, staring at her own Facebook timeline, stunned to see her name, there in a De Jackson post about winners and making “the list.” She didn’t even bother to try to rein in the skip of beat that her heart jumped or to tamp down her enthusiasm with admonitions that after all it “should” be just about the writing. No, she was thoroughly thrilled, and as she looked out the window into the navied night ….

Oh, this isn’t NaNoWriMo? November is over? The PAD Challenge is over…Wait! It’s only February
and there are winners and a list! Fantastically fast job RLB! In the inimitable words of De Jackson – mermaid and fellow poet I made the list!!! What the hey!!! Thank you Robert – I must say that I am delighted, discombulated, disoriented and thrilled! What a lovely surprise -

I have long admired Taylor Graham’s work – the examples here are just wonderful – The poetry of Joseph Mills in the provided examples just sings … It is an honor to have my work in consideration along with such extraordinary talent ….. To my fellow honorable mentionees …
CONGRATULATIONS Barbara, De, Jane Steve, and William.

Ha, ha. Sorry folks just got carried away. Seems either a typographical error or I am really on “the list.”
Thank you Robert, if it is not clear by now – this is a wonderful surprise and I am very appreciative. Congratulations to the winners and to my fellow HM’s … (and now I think the music is playing me off…)

CONGRATULATIONS TO the November PAD chapbook winners: 

Lost, Found, by Taylor Graham
Exit, Pursued By a Bear, by Joseph Mills

Honorable mentions: 
Needs, by Barbara Young
Salt Water (and other solutions that sting), by De Jackson
Traveling Alone Together, by Jane Shlensky
Love Torn - 10 poems about love, a little laughter and loss, by Pearl Ketover Prilik
The Wild Gospel of Careening, by Steve Brightman
Some Birds in Hand, by William Preston

Winners of the 2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge Announced! | 

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