Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Memoir-And-Backstory-Blog-Challenge - Secret Love

October Memoir-And-Backstory-Blog-Challenge
created and hosted by Jane Ann McLachlan


Secret Love

They sang
From old song sheets-
Yellowed with age
Sacred as parchment
The two of them
They sang
Into each others eyes
of a “Secret Love”
of the faceless frowning “they”
who said “they were too young to love”
And I, that tiny girl in the
liquid starlight of their romance
unknowing by-product,
whirling in their cresting wake as  
they sang
the song of their love-my blood
Oh did they sing


  1. Nice! I like the understanding from the girl's perspective. The imagery of music and dance is lovely.

  2. Lovely, Pearl. I love the image of the child dancing in the midst of their love.

  3. Those first few lines really pulled me in. I love the imagery of yellowed parchment song sheets. Beautiful poem.

  4. their cresting wake...their love...your blood. beautiful!

  5. Beautiful and haunting, Pearl. The ending of the poem is awesome...from that tiny the end.

  6. What a beautiful poem and a unique perspective on their love.