Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hiatus? I Think Not...

He said with sad eyes dripping with sincerity
just a little hiatus while we gather our serenity
She knew those eyes lied as they spoke
Read his text messages knew they were beyond 'broke'
One from Sally who said with exclamation points three
"Waiting with held breath for you to return again here to me"
Another from Susie - he seemed to like esses
Or she had missed the A through the R
That's just how very long and how very far
They'd obviously traveled unknown to her, falling apart
And now a suggested "hiatus" and then a supposed fresh start?
No, she she said to his sad eyes dripping disingenuous sincerity
Your things are all packed, you'll have no need to ever return to me


  1. Good for her! This poem shows a total relationship in just a few lines. Well done!