Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kaitlin Voices

Kaitlin Voices*

Kaitlin voices drift
Pealing syllables climb
Up the scales
Risk vanishing
Into the smoke of memory
Where I sit bereft
A mother in the ever-
stench of scare
It happens, they say
The impossible
The sundressed child
Running barefoot into
It happens they say
The impossible
It might I must admit
Under pressure of
Universal orders
I shall neither accept
Nor understand

*this poem is one of a series of Kaitlin poems (a raped-murdered-four-year-little girl character) 
who is the current subject of a WIP - Missing Kaitlin - for other Katilin poems in the series search this site. 


  1. Sadly imagined. This piece is heartbreaking, Pearl. "It happens, they say..." Every parent's fear.

  2. This is a lovely series, very touching.

  3. Really very sad to think that something like this can happen. I have been talking about my granddaughter and grandson about the ploys strangers sometimes use. "Running barefoot into never-to-be-seen again" breaks my heart.

    Thanks for participating in Poetry Pantry, Pearl.

  4. "It happens"--one of the most comfortless phrases ever to be uttered. No wonder we don't accept or understand it.

    An Asian Whirl

  5. absolutely never, never to be understood

  6. I, too, was riveted by "the sundressed child running barefoot into never-to-be-seen-again" and "it happens". Glad you are doing a series to honor that child, Pearl.

  7. This is heart-breaking it does happen sadly. When I was a child there was cult in my area abducting blonde children with blue eyes my mom was so terrified

  8. Even when that sundressed barefoot child is turning forty, that fear lives on as long as we do. I see it in my daughter's eyes as she watches her daughters. This poem reaches deep and expresses unlimited sorrow. "It happens," can seem to be such a hateful phrase.


  9. "It happens they say" and a sob catches in my throat for Kaitlin, this child you bring to life again and again...well done Pearl (I do think every time you write about her, keeps her memory alive and makes the possibility of your book all the more likely...)

  10. Oh this just tears at the heart! And your spare almost surgical use of language is like the blow of a hammer. Well done. Impossible

  11. This is heartbreaking, truly sad and painful.

  12. The younger the child the more precious they are and the deeper the feeling of loss. Your loving words are heartbreaking and penetrate with so much pain.

  13. So heartbreaking to know such things happen. You wrote with such honest emotion and this poem cuts deeply. Beautifully done!

  14. My friend, your Kaitlin pieces are as riveting now as they were when you first introduced her. This one is a crown jewel amongst them. Thank you for keeping her "alive", Pearl.

  15. Oh dear dear friends.... I just read these wonderful comments again and again - I am working on a novel about Kaitlin - well actually a third incarnation of a novel about Kaitlin. The poems come more easily and this little girl who appeared to me during a PAD challenge years ago - will not be ignored. I cannot thank you enough for you encouragement. I think all of you know how deeply needed such support can be and how deeply it moves me to feel that Kaitlin reaches out to you as she does to me. You inspire me to continue. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.