Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Dark Night

Regarding the US case of a young man shot and killed by a neighborhood watch citizen and the resulting acquittal of same last night. IMHO we as citizens of the world must bear witness and continue in our pursuit toward peace for all. I thank the many who responded to this post. As poets and writers I believe we share a responsibility to communicate. Peace and good will toward all..

My heart breaks - My mind is boggled - I am reeling - For all mothers of sons who are young and have dark skin, for all dark skinned men, for all of us of any gender, race, or religion, Americans ALL who must at the lowest bar of morality be sickened by the travesty of the verdict this evening - where a young man on foot wearing a hoodie on a misty evening is deemed a threat to the life of a man following in a car, whose level of perceived "threat" rises to such unimaginable proportions that he EXITS the car and kills. The situation is a travesty of our justice system, which although far from perfect, continues to try to move toward a more "perfect state" ... but more than this this horrible verdict validates the killing of a young man for doing nothing more than "looking suspicious" in his father's neighborhood while returning from a family errand. As a New Yorker, I was warned by family members who live in the state of Florida that there would be no conviction - I chose to believe in the justice system - and that this time they would, on the basis of clear and compelling evidence get it right. Once again, to my heart-break they did not. The shame of this verdict falls on all of us who do too little to bring such injustice to a complete and total halt... I ask forgiveness for those who may misguidedly mix me in with the those who are so blinded by hatred, and ill will that they cannot see evidence clearly before them. Tonight, I hope that there truly is a Higher Power somewhere who can help the misguided. It is a sad night for those who identify themselves with the United States of America. There is little that "unites" us tonight but much that can. Let us see where the opportunity for healing lies in this still bloody gaping wound.

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