Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paint on a summer’s day

Dreaming In Red by Yana Ray

Paint on a summer’s day

with paint can in hand they climbed 
the tree to the window
brother and sister beginning one of their sprees,
whispering in the leaves missioned to keep the outsider away –
body to body brushing with a casual intimate touch  
endless nine-year-old reserves dipping their brushes 
again and again into the thick stolen paint
leaving ugly words written upside down,
in their signature style 
words, dripping blood-red on the new “weird boy’s” window.
“Stay away!”
Sliding down with a bump on grass they looked through
mullioned leaves and laughed at their work
even as their eyes met that frightened face watching them
they would have been shocked at how fearsome they were
how painful their paint


  1. Yes, words can be fearsome written, or spoken.

  2. Red is also a fearsome colour..primal..i love the this story will haunt these children's lives forever..

  3. Cruel bigoted children may well be cruel bigoted adults. There are just too many of them around.