Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Memoriam and Love

Clouds And Sun by Bobbi Jones Jones

In Memoriam and Love - His Smile

In her blue party dress, the yellow haired girl knelt
eyes raised to the first light, on bare linoleum
his gasps still swirling in air – and then - impossibly 
Gone. Bluntly. Silently - vanished into women's sobs

In her blue party dress the yellow haired girl knelt 
in a corner of the wake lilied air and waited for true belief 
to assure him, the very first ride in on wings of angels 
uncaught by any snare, snag, slap or tipped unbalance
clear passage to celestial swung-wide-welcoming gates   

In her blue party dress, the yellow haired  girl knelt
as she had not knelt for years, alongside her
family in the first pew, small in all that gold and marble
the gentle velvet against her skin scraping her raw heart
as she prayed him out of that box and into the incense
Eyes lifted - as a silver bell clearly pinged  
and in her soft blue dress, the yellow haired kneeling girl
watched as a glinted bit of dust, danced up a sunbeam 

Pausing, in its trajectory toward a high cobalt window
That diamonded-dancing dust beam, paused 
for a single, special, sparkling instant 
Smiling into her eyes, her grandfather's unmistakable, 
audible pop-popped smile 


into this day - here in the dancing dust, in the rain, in the ice,  
in the sunlight of dreams - 
There, always there in the -
chiming of a crystal clear belled-  


in the core of her heart, 
Yearning, lonely, yet never alone
embraced in the strong arms of his
shake-the-world-by-its-tail smile 
Forever the yellow haired granddaughter
Loving and beloved 
In a blue party dress
Lit by the sun 


  1. the gentle velvet scraping her raw heart - I love this line - Velvet scraping a heart. Great feeling and touch. Well done

  2. The idea of an in memoriam for a smile is an attractive one, and you have brought a lovely sense of hope and happiness, despite difficulty, with your yellow-haired girl.

  3. I love the colours..and the textures..makes for a very emotive read..raw and yet hopeful..

  4. How beautiful and hopeful this is. I get comfort from the reading.

  5. Extraordinarily visual. This is strong, Pearl.

  6. Some really lovely images. Liked the repitition of "Yellow-haired girl"

  7. I love the repetition of the lines about the yellow haired girl. It helps us see "held in the strong arms of" Beautiful, Pearl.

  8. So moving, Pearl!
    As with some other readers, I like the repetition--"the blue sweater" catches my imagination.
    Happy Sunday, Pearl! :)

  9. You built your story in all of those vivid details. A tribute to a smile that lasts forever. Good one,


  10. "in a corner of the wake lilied air" Nice.

  11. This is beautifully expressed, Pearl. Makes me so sad for the girl in the blue party dress. Ah, riding on the wings of angels....yes, I hope so.

    Hope you will find time to respond to those of us from the Pantry who enjoyed your Wordle work. I see several of us here.

    1. Hi Mary - thanks for the kind words - ... was out and about today ... catching a breather from the still going on Sandy reconstruction.. Caught up with some wonderful poems in my favorite Sunday pantry... Yum :)

  12. Beautiful, poignant and telling of a granddaughter saying goodbye to her grandfather. He knew that every hug, every laugh, every story, every kiss goodnight would stab in her heart one day; the day she had to say goodbye.

  13. Beautiful and unique images throughout that add a spark and bring your poem to life. This is so touching, sweet, powerful... breathtaking really...

  14. Vivid and colorful imagery, Pearl. One can feel the energy of the room, the moment, the loss.

  15. Oh my! I was out and away for most of the day - catching a breather away from the on-going reconstruction from Hurricane Sandy's surge... What a delight to find such wonderful comments... I usually reply to everyone individually - tonight (I was supposed to have rotator cuff surgery tomorrow but happily full range of motion mysteriously returned so I am celebrating my non-surgical event by an early shower and snuggling under the covers.) Thank you all - again - for stopping, reading and commenting. It is so very much appreciated and I hope I am bringing a little enjoyment into your life. If not, please - I am not one of those who feel that you must stop and just say anything because I've stopped by to visit you. Comment when you do enjoy (or need to critique) something .. otherwise it's fine to just pass on by... Have a good one :)

  16. I felt her pain and the glint of smile she felt in the core of her heart too. Well expressed!

  17. you portrayed wonderful imagery with your words ..something unique which touched the heart..

  18. your final image will linger - beautiful piece

  19. So beautiful, and ultimately peaceful! Perfect faith rewarded. :)

  20. A complete waltz of words, my friend. A melodically serene and gorgeous write. And an even better read. You've expressed it well.

  21. Just pure beauty in every line, Dr. P.