Monday, February 18, 2013

Still under construction

by Petr Kratochvil

Still under construction - Lesson from the Universe 

Ah I enjoy being
peacefully mindful
not busily mindfull
that is
I actually think I'm good at it
if not a grand-master whiz

Watched a film yesterday
Achingly titled Amour
Of dignity, death and
love - grand canvas perspective for sure

Perspective that did not
quite last through the day
As the floor men arrived
Finally finished they had gone
last week on their way

One day after they left a
main line backed up and out
and left puddles of sewered
water a grand might mess without doubt

Through it all remained sanguine
Just one spot after all
Could have been worse some folks
not back in homes not by a long call

Today was all set to begin back to work
Tomorrow upstairs repairs to begin -ha am I such a jerk
To think that I control the Fates that would be
As the floor men they came and yes, did they see

They saw what they saw and what that was - was this - said with a serious face
The entire level must be resanded and stained all that had been put back taken out of the place
So, we'll start not quite from the beginning but almost it does seem
Like a queasy night waking from an uneasy dream

I was losing perspective gained from the heart-wrenching Amour 
then phoned the florist to order something for a dear friend whose mother just exited this earthly door
I began to vent just a little in a gentle mindful (ha-not!) way
Until the sweet florist responded to say

"Anything that can be fixed is no problem you see"
My daughter out of the blue has just had a double masectomy
She is well, she is fine, she is recovering now"
And, this poet here listened as the Universe smacked me upside the head
and clearly whispered "Mindful? - Really? JUST HOW?"

We find what we need to put us back on our course
And so I put up a pot of coffee, add cream and go with the force
A reason for everything that comes to be
How ridiculous to need a reminder when it is so plain to see


  1. Beautiful, Pearl. Perspective, indeed.
    Fantastic title.

    1. Aw De - thanks - glad you liked and of course "got" the title :)

  2. yep, the powers that be have a way of reminding us things, putting things into perspective.

    Sorry for your set-back. I hope things go better this time around.

    1. Hi - thanks Linda - There is a comfort in listening to the lessons that the Universe offers and the reminders!

  3. "Like a queasy night waking from an uneasy dream" is a GREAT line.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, Pearl. We all need these reminders, unfortunately.

    1. Hi Marie - thanks ... I don't expect perfection but I do look for these smacks upside the head from the Universe when I foolishly slip :)