Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shall we court?

Shall we court?

No, I cannot open my heart
nor float the thought within my head
if so we did  an incident
surely would occur which
would bathe us both in dread

Shall we court?
Why the plume of repetition?
Puffed again into the dancing whirling about me compressing air
We might very well land in court

Does your mouth not, as mine go dry?
How can it be you do not fear, how rare for convention not a care

No!  I do not share your worry
I think you have been seriously, mystifyingly, misled
Your love has been sown - thrown
Through the eye of a previously unseen needle

Hole in my heart, tightly sewn now with irrevocable sparkling  thread

We shall work out complexities
Clear a path for you and for me
And forever live in brilliant spun sun
Bobbing safe in a mythic, mystic, rare sailing ship
In a crystal bottle ball on the great aquamarine Coral sea

Yes!  We shall court and fear no
Waggling robed fractious fallacious finger crooked point
Take my hand, along with my heart
And let us for all that is sacred
In love, finally, finally, finally, leave forever this joyless, jaded,  joint


  1. Wot, another anaphora?

    Love it, especially the fractious fallacious finger!

  2. Seems hard to imagine a loving lasting relationship with these two. Some might thrive on their differences. The court word seems ominous.

  3. Goodness gracious, I'm left reeling from all that intensity of language!

  4. A beautifully woven tapestry of words, Pearl.

  5. Ahhh, for love. I'm glad they chose love. :)

  6. I always think when it's that intense, someone is going to get burned badly. And I've been known to be wrong on ocassion, lol. Really like the repetition and the wordplay,


  7. Wowzers! That person was determined and fearless! That's the kind of persistence it takes, sometimes. I, too, especially love the "fractious fellacious finger"!!!!

  8. Oh go on and court! Don't think so much! :) Lovely words..

  9. A beautiful poem! Rich, loving words places carefully, a really good read that certainly stands on its on!

  10. A fabulous play with words and high emotions--I love your work!

  11. That 'Fickle Finger of Fate' was it calling or trying to deny? Fun verse for this 'heart' month.

    We often don't get second chances with those who have 'stolen' our hearts. Fun word play.

    Thanks for your visits to both of my pieces. :)

  12. Such a richly woven tapestry of words here - I feel as if it should be hung upon a castle wall ... it's so beautiful Pearl ... and I too am awed by your use of alliteration ...

    Thanks for coming by my blog earlier and commenting on the Judge ... appreciate it.

  13. a beautiful fantasy... or perhaps a reality?

  14. Head is spinning from all those words. Fun to read.
    My favorite...mythic, mystic.

  15. Pearl Girl, so romantic! Also, your alliteration was wonderful. I loved how the mindsets of the characters finally fell in line... and in love. Really nicely done, honey. Amy