Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flow - Release the refrain

Release the refrain

Temper your heart pumping in your chest
crack the latch
release the draft of the refrain

Release the draft of the refrain
spare your temper for the
passion pulsing

In your heart,
pumping in your chest
the racket trace
of love strike

Spare your temper
for the conflagration
of the blend of all
all freed by the opened latch
on the chest,
drifting on the current
of the draft
freed of the sinister string
by lightning crack of
celestial temper,
Spare not a single refrain of love
fear not the racket,
trace the strike of
destiny dancing
on the clear current
into your life

Finally fathered ....


  1. began tense, then smoothed and calmed 'on the clear current'....I love to feel the poetry, and I did

  2. Wow, unusually good pacing. I really liked it.

  3. The life of a lightening bolt? From whip crack to lingering ozone smell...this is what I thought of. Nicely wordled.
    I've continued a story verse: