Sunday, June 3, 2012

Champion of apartment 32C

Champion of apartment 32C

He was only seventeen
Muscles on the close edge of skin
Stretched glistening, poised to burst
With energy pounding beat bouncing
The canvas on new sneakered tip toes

He was only seventeen
Face chisel carved smooth
As he turned circling for a single
White smile at the crowd glow
Rising like a cloud of steam
Applauding his first draw

He was only seventeen
As the first fisted punch
Split his puffed pouty baby lip
brushed just this afternoon
By his gray lipped limp mother
In the thin drawstring gown

I am only seventeen
He thought, words of
Release hanging in air
As a quiet distant roar
raced through the tide of his ears
and a thunderstorm of fists
banged glistened flesh
into tomorrow's solid bruise

And he with a wave of surrendered
Victory folded, with boneless
Defenseless crumple, too deflated to
even crouch, as curtained darkness
Descended with the promised

He is only seventeen, his sister
Screamed, but did not pierce
The ether-sweet still silence
Of his once again bouncing
On tip toes - new sneakered


  1. I am lost for words. What a wonderful read!

  2. Of poems I have read by you, this definitely is a favorite. Loved the progression and the repetition. You have captured a very real scene here, and the wordle words disappear!

  3. Oh, I bet he took such a beating. Poor boy. It sounds as if he won some money for the fight.
    Great use of the wordle words Dr Pearl.

  4. Oh, my Pearl... poor kid. So vivid, strong.

  5. You have created a vivid story. The use of the repetition is compelling! Nice write.

  6. Nice! This is my favorite of yours, so far, Pearl. You bring this young man to life.

  7. So much to love in this!! My favorite line drew me into the poem: Muscles on the close edge of skin
    Stretched, glistening, poised to burst

    Beautiful and such a strong image!!

  8. Wrenched the heart, this one. Prompted lots of questions, too. So many things I wanted to know. This would be a great intro to a novel or short story.

  9. Oh you have told such a good story here - one of my faves of yours, too. Great write!

  10. Was wincing throughout this reading and definitely felt bruised by the finish. That's proof of damned good writing.


  11. Poignant piece, Pearl. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout.


  12. my heart was beating faster with each line drew me into the scene...only 17.

  13. Ah Pearl - you hit it out of the park with this one ... the repetition makes it strong but the whole narrative arc is that ... a wonderful read, very nicely done and definitely one of your best ... I'm still holding my breath

  14. Searing piece, Pearl. You made me want to yank him out of there and tend to those cuts and bruises. Powerful poem.

  15. Nice storytelling Pearl.

  16. Great descriptive piece, Pearl. I can see the seventeen year old in my mind.

  17. Powerful! (I think it should be banned, myself.)

  18. Wow! Beautifully done, with very effective point of view changes.

  19. Strong and moving. That's a killer last line.

  20. OOOh! Vivid and powerful one! Nice! :)

  21. I can imagine this young man thinking that if he can win he can offer his family some much needed funds. And though he may loose a battle or two the experience will make him stronger and he'll while loosing some innocence, he'll bravely with the invincibility of a knight in shining armor will continue as best he can. A wonderful tale...
    My wordle is here: