Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shadow Mama .... and In the Land of Admonish ....

Shadow Mama…

There she comes – coatless -chilled–walk-in-wind hair tousled tumbling into too wide, too white eyes – leaning against that metal reception desk the smell of her night-work  kitchen clinging in her clothes. An earlier turned-away - returned blissfully proudly unaware of the determined downturned mouths – the averted eyes filled with admonish – simply clutching her contracting belly swollen with the persistent fullness of her urgent unmet but already known daughter- and in the quiet of shadow judgment speaks in the clear voice she prefers in their presence insisting only on a single clean woolly blanket from the stacked pile upon which to lie while she waits for life to arrive. 

In the Land of Admonish....

In the Land of Admonish the young girl rises from her closeted corner - 
motherless daughter silently slipping coatless between cold shadows cradling the 
finally unfettered fullness of her hot urgent swollen belly -surrendering the 
night to strangers to return emptied through the still dark kitchen, unshed  
tears  pouring in the protective  privacy she always prefers - taste of metal in 
her scream swallowed mouth, thoughts woolly tangled tumbling in her mind, she 
rests as a tepid dawn trails cool unaware fingers across the awakening forever-
different day


  1. Reality captured and composed beautifully-a difficult time for all moms to be

  2. It is nice to find another wordler.
    My heart goes out to this woman.

  3. I know those woolly, tangle thoughts myself. They happen especially when I am weary...

    A Whirling Half-Dozen

  4. Would you please consider using only comment moderation and forgetting about Blogger's new, and very-difficult-to-read word verification? My eyes will thank you, and, honestly, you really don't need both. It's overkill. Thanks so much!

  5. Done! I agree with you and think the new verifications are on a whole designed for robots...did not even realize I was employing them! Thanks for the request :)

  6. I like the stream-of-consciousness effect and the way it complements the story.

    The word verification is still functioning.

    1. Thanks and "ack" on the still abled repeatedly disabled word verification! Thanks for the heads up!