Thursday, March 8, 2012

In response to - MadKane's call for Limericks Honoring today International Women's Day

  1. International day of woman it is
    honor by each  her and his
    Remember this day
     no matter which way
    all born from a womb not a whiz 
    Now whizzes essential tis true
    In getting things started on cue
    Yet a shout and a squirt
    Are but a blipped  blurt
    On the landscape that brought you to you 

  2. Was a small bairn less than three
    Fascinated with his mum’s swelling belly
    When he found out a baby was growing inside
    He said with a grinning pure possible pride
    That he’d switch and not a man but a woman he’d be
    The young mum had raised him sweet and so dear
    Without a hint of gender constraining bar here
    Looked at her bright eyed small son
    knew the time had so early begun
    The creative input of father made clear 
  3. A woman’s hand rocks the cradle - all that
    But wears also on head many a hat
    From draped burka flowed land
    To conducting a band
    A woman is far more off her rocker  than that!

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