Monday, March 12, 2012

Life of A Poet Interview at Poets United

Well this was very exciting - was interviewed over at Poets United.

I am now officially an online windbag :)

Given the extraordinary length Sherry Blue Sky so generously devoted to me there was - ironically - 
no room for a poem so I am reposting "In The Glow" here written for Thursday Think Tank at Poets United during which time I was being interviewed.  

In the Glow

Poets United Thursday Think Tank - Rebirth 3-1-12

In the glow

In the glow
of chaos swirling
from the brush of
butterfly wings
to cataclysm rises
from the confines of
ash behind barbed wired
smokestacks to the
lap of clear aqua waters
on a manicured fingertip
In the glow of chaos swirling
Each to the other connected
Through the tempest of time
Rising from each cindered soul
Floating from buildings terrible
Tumble into bottomless eyes of big bellied
Children's – sunsoaked run in suburban sprinklers
In summer eves that melt into
Arctic airless black
In the glow from
first outraged scream to last shuddered sigh
All that has been, is, and will be
From this besotted bare bone sharded
Unfamiliar landscape whirling in joyous
Confident abandon the constant
Shimmering configuration of a single slivered spark
In the glow  


  1. Pearl, my girl, I hadn't realized. I guess I've been out of touch for a while. Congratulations on your wonderful interview. I love the poem, BTW.

    The diffusion and dichotomy of the imagery is startling but so familiar to all. Great job.


  2. Lovely poem. And I really enjoyed your interview!