Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Poems About "One Last Thing"

Send the invitations

to the worms
to come hungry
bring family and
friends to the feast
so that interment
will be short and
return to the earth
to the earth to
flower once again
in whatever
chosen form
quick and
over the
backs of
fat pink
in the flower

One lost thing

Where did you have it last?
If I knew that finding would be fast!
Retrace your steps back a while
Why are you smirky with a smile?
Do not think that I can be bossed
What? This prompt is not about… oh not lost?
Okay then just one last thing
Before rushing to write read and careful remembering

German Shepherd On A Metal Table

They need two strong men to
lift your gentle limpid frame
onto gleaming stainless
two young men in respectful
clean khaki jackets
and sad eyes
they take with them
as we wait - just us again
locking eyes
I see you in there
for an instant
that puff balled
pick me pup
first anniversary
present of a dead
your velvet fur
slips soft still thick
under my frantic fingers
as you breathe deep
and shuddery
and we sink
into lakes of memory
a baby pulls himself up
to stand for the first
you fly over an
agility course
you are everywhere
my sweet fierce sentinel
time blurs in starburst
rainbows of fireworks
and sprinklers, ocean
swims and walks
rushes running a river
from my eyes
time melting
as from nowhere
She – white coated
surreal slurs   
holding a sparkling
needle and I
press your majestic head
away, into 
my pounding breast
sobbing one last
self indulgent sigh into your
eyes and then
for you
and I swear you smile back
the light
never leaving
even when she says
you are gone

One Last Time

They pounded her upon her head
with intonations shouting loud as a football cheer
Just push! Just push! Just one last time!
And finally tah-dah! Her son was here!

The Turn - Ode to Peter Falk/Columbo

Waited with bated breath
as he walked always to the door
and then turned in rumpled raincoated
splendor and asked for just one
last question more....

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