Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Trade & Fourteen - Wordles #43

The Trade 

A black haired fair faced pomaded young man
Rode through the town fast as he can
Charms were his trade
Visions he made
Hanging from a belt for him made

Ephemeral sparkling young man
Gathering barefoot customers fast as he can
Running there through the fog
Weeping dew onto the bog
One maiden sat still -apart on a log

To this black haired sparkling young man
Raised her face lovely as a face can
Began her clear voiced interview
Why their gold coins accept you
When you know nothing for them can you do

Begone black haired pomaded young man
Ride from this dream trampled field fast as you can
As she spoke into his hair a sticker it fell
Small and sharp from the truth tree they tell
This last part dreamy with blur and confidential as well

Into that black hair the sticker burrowed deep, burrowed true
Until each purloined wish, glistened coin, each dream, tumbled returned anew
In the field outside Traded Town
Walked the fresh fair faced maiden ebon hair tumbled down
Smiling at the bounty of all their returned loot
Pulled on soft one by one, a shimmering ride to town boot
Lifted onto his left behind steed,  black hair gleaming with ransacked pomade
Now, a black haired fair faced pomaded maiden ready from inside to trade



In the land of ransacked, the small sisters lied head to foot piled into the bed back to back. As night fell across their packed rest the eldest fourteen at the best rose, washed at the basin and walked on arched feet out into the fog, hair like silken blanket on bared shoulders, into the street of calling customers, weeping confidential visions into her ransacked charms - as the night fell each one onto the other, into and out of her, as the eventual dawn fingered the sky - head high coins of trade pocketed she returned to the bed where small sisters stirred in still sweet slumber and picked a sticker from her shoulder licking the drop of blood from her salty finger tip.


  1. This poem begs to be read aloud. I like its form as well as its magical tale!

  2. This is curiouser and more curiouser. I have not figured it out, yet, but I will.

    Stunning turn about of word usage and the norm. Bravo!....for shaking it up. Bravo dear heart and good job.

    This was a fun and mysterious read. Thank you.

    1. I have to embrace anyone who includes curiouser and curiouser in her comment.... :))) through the looking glass we go. So much appreciation .... THANK YOU <3

  3. Pearl, it has the feel of a ballad to me. I love the image of the "pomaded young man".


    1. Have been out for the day... THANK YOU.... ooh I love ballads... Thank you! Will be over to read soon :)

  4. It is magical. It reminded me of vampires too. Dark, filled with magical images, and somehow a little bit like a brothers Grimm fairy tale :)
    Nicely told.

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    2. Ooooh you guys are making me smile from ear to ear... Grimm fairy tale ---? How delight-full. THANK YOU!

  5. Beautiful writes, Pearl. I like both pieces. The second piece reminds me of fairy tails, one of my favorite genres.

  6. I love the prose "fourteen". Good one, Pearl.


  7. 'To this black haired sparkling young man
    Raised her face lovely as a face can' I esp. loved these two lines! Wonderfully intriguing tale!

    1. THANK YOU Janet... So happy you enjoyed and delighted you stopped by to let me know! Just got home and will be visiting soon! :)

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    1. Thank you, thank you... oooh wait I'm not sure that you like being "haunted" by pieces. lol. Much appreciated - will get to everyone's site as soon as I can :)

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    1. Aw thank you Brenda.... So much appreciate your taking time to stop by. I just got home a little while ago and will head over and read and comment some more soon! ! :)

  10. A dreamy the classics...well done Pearl.

  11. first one -- like the discipline of the form as much as the story. I sorely lack that skill. Second one -- sordid and tragic, yet almost a light and 'fairytale' feel. Very nice.

    1. Ooooh thank you Mark... and you did receive all sorts of congratulations over at PA Poeming Friends a closed FB page I administer. Have you ever posted at Poetic Asides? If you did at any time let me know! CONGRATULATIONS!