Thursday, February 9, 2012



They float
In the warm
Ocean of
Soft red
The sound
Of whooshed
Air thumping
Between their
Balleted bumps


  1. Oooh thanks becca..! those two little images just reminded me of twins bumping about in the dark together...

  2. Hi Pearl,

    Welcome to Theme Thursday!! I hope you have as much fun playing each week as we do. The prompts will go up Sunday and then Mr.Linky will be added after 9pm PST on Wednesday.

    I am glad you like my artwork. I make these pictures from an iPhone app on my phone. It is tricky because the colors, shapes and sizes are constantly moving and to try to snap a pic while trying to create the artwork can be a little tricky.

    Yes it does remind fraternal twins. My hubby and his twin were opposite in everything. Brown hair, blonde hair, brown eyes, blues eyes, right handed, left handed. Really strange and one would never guess they are twins.

    Anyway I hope you have many ideas of what to post each week. Very few rules here, freedom of ideas is what counts.

    Thanks again for playing Theme Thursday-/-Corner. Will be nice to another great poem or anything else you write is welcome.

    God bless.

    PS...we do get a few stragglers who post a few days late sometimes, so we try to remember to check for them, the same that we hope they would do for us. But visiting is all about having fun.

    God bless.

  3. Lovely image you painted. Love the thought of twins bumping around in the dark. I have twin nephews :)

  4. Straggler here! It may be Friday, but I've Theme Thursday on my mind! :)

    Welcome to our game, Pearl. Wonderful bit of verse this week!!