Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday June 8th PA Prompt – “don’t start that again”

Thoughts of what it is
all about drift like snowflakes
blizzarding spring sky


Crumpled Paper

In the days of paper torn
In mad frustration from a typewriter
Crumbled, crushed, tossed, flung, away
Silencing with satisfying ripping action
The wheedling voice sneering
" Do not start again


At The Entrance Ramp

Breathing calm cool and collected
Banging pulse, terrored wet palms now rejected
Idling car waiting patiently in line
All is well, all is fine
Until a tiny, almost imperceptible ping

Do we learn nothing
from the wheel of history
as more war spills bloodOh no! Do not start again that panic thing!


Take that finger away

Why do I feel I will be saying this until after the time when Hell froze
Please, little person take your finger from your nose!


Weekend Morning

Sprawled sleepiy in sun splattered counter paned duvet
Dreamily following drifting fingers of the willow's peaceful morning way
please good neighbor do not start your classic beloved motorcycle, please not today....



A child stands face tipped to darkening sky
Baseball mitted hand heavy at his side
Thunder rolls across the lost horizon
Mist obliterates the demarked bases
Air scented desperation - calls game OUT
Yet there somewhere beyond cold wetted cheeks
Sunshine smiles spread ear to ear on this field
Dappled with clear light, in early morn
Day dawns on the simple sense of baseball
Batter up! he hears as raindrops fast fall

Do not start that again! child's toughened lip shouts to his fist raised railing toward an always ambiguous future,


  1. I can see that kid and feel his irritation at the "spoilsport ":-)

  2. Lovely expressions , all of them , each such a different mood.

  3. Thank you Nadira, for taking the time to read and comment. Much appreciated :)