Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers' Day - Sunlight and Shadow - PA Prompt - Welcoming

Welcome to the clench of heart
as a tiny breath catches
Life where there was none
Fantastical, incomprehensible, magical

Welcome to the emptied fullness of heart
as a father's breath stops, and a room sudden silent
Death, where there was ever-life
Fantastical, incomprehensible, magical

Incredible that one's heart continues to beat
fluttering crimson wings against and through caged ribs
as effortlessly as gossamer -the cardinals of spirit soaring free
into the horizon melting yesterday and today, then and now, all
One welcoming
Fantastical, incomprehensible, magical


  1. Birth, to death and after, shall always be fantastical, incomprehensible and magical. May we never have all the answers.