Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday June 15 PA Prompt – “write a welcoming poem” 9 poems

Poem 1. 

Welcome Hannah Marie

petals float in soft spring air
blanketing the street with
whispered welcomes
as the palindromic princess of
poetic asides readies her arrival
among smiling voices of poet song


Poem 2. 




Poem 3. 

Two Minute Welcome

I have two minutes
not one second more
to let something flow
from this unconscious floor
Two minutes - oh no now just one
Apologies I am now over and done


Poem 4.


She studied books and learned
of their ways
Heart beating fast, face flamed
as fled the days
Until it came as inevitably
she knew it would
When she paused knuckles raised
on their doorstep trembling stood


Poem 5. haiku

in any season
has there ever a word
as satisfying

Poem 6. 

The Bum

In the dark street unlighted road
Under a bridge marked by mildewed toad
In rags of yesteryear when politic was nigh
Flopped this forlorn, rancid frightening guy
In that yesteryear absent of empathy
Before precursors were in mind to see
Was no sympathy, and certainly no welcome
For what was then a simple, plain, unadulterated bum


Poem 7. 

well come

Body slack reclined abed
Fingers on keys uncoordinated
As thoughts dance and waver teasing inner head
Ready simply shut the bright light
Blocking the velvet darkness of quiet night
Well come all ready for the soft slipped surrendered peace
Time has run its course through on this day's lease


Poem 8. 


"Give us your hungry tired and poor"
As long as they do not eat our food, need a bed or work for pay

"Your huddled masses yearning to be free"
As long as the do not congregate and keep holding to their way

"The wretched refuse of your teeming shore"
As long as they do not disembark and expect in things a say

"Send these, tempest-tost to me"
As long as they understand that tossed back very well they may

"I lift my lamp beside the golden door"
As long as they do not expect to feel the soft light of welcome's ray

It is just the way things are today


Poem 9.

Frangipangi Found

From frigid unforgiving freeze
doors open silken slid
spilled stunned onto
tarmac tumbled into
purpled evening enfolding
in soft lavendar arms
the way to the turquoise sea
whispered wondrous warmth
wafting perfumed promise
of ever-land entered 

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