Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Quartet of Poems on "Dread"

The Shaking Head

I fear the shaking, shaking head
above the doctor's back while I sit
on an exam table iced with unspoken dread

I fear the shaking, shaking head
as the doctor inevitably will turn
and I must hear what needs to be said

Rolled Eyes and Sighs

I dread the eyes that roll
into sighs
on the waters of future
conversation when
interest in me turns
to bored barest polite

The Empty House

I dread the single pair of footsteps
echoed on each floor
I dread each solidly shut unopened door
I dread the silence of the fork on the plate
as I eat
I dread the smiles I'll force when out of my retreat
And secretly in a place never to reveal and shamed to see
I dread the possibility that of relief that it was he not me

I Dread The Blankness

I dread the grasping for a word
I dread the question in eyes as I struggle
to be heard
I dread the dead spots, blank and filled with space
I dread the knowing that I will soon not know time, person or place
I dread knowing that this may come to be
I dread not living long enough for it to be a possibility


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