Saturday, January 8, 2011

Celebrating Oliver? (the formerly orphaned now Lord-and-Master kitten)

I am celebrating
so they tell me I will see
that in November
during the challenge
a tiny kitten adopted me

at first he melted in my arms
and wooed me with his feline charms
so vulnerable, his energy
in apparent perfect synchroncity

I thought I was doing a wonderful deed
rescuing a helpless ball of life
a few days of shelter and hand fulls of feed

Harbored a few romantic notions let them unfurl and begin
when I thought the little one female thought
perhaps this visit was from my little Muse, Kaitlin

I am celebrating so they tell me I will see
the little one that turned out a fellow to be
Who is now beginning to become his own 'person,' jump and run
Savoring each soft look of the love affair with my husband he has begun

I am celebrating so they tell me I will see
the joy of sharing my life and psychic energy
as he taps each surface of my home
claiming each and all including both of us as his own

I am celebrating so they tell me I will see
the shattered silence of my quiet energy

Believing that there are lessons to be learned in all
I attempt surrender of life space and throw myself into his thrall


  1. Oh, Pearl~ Oliver is a true gift... I love this tribute to him!


  2. Thanks Laurie... sometimes a creature just chooses you and I suppose the Universal lesson is acceptance and surrender to the possibility of love. I must say I was feeling a bit ambivalent about the responsibility for the little fellow until some family members visited today and my friendly, furry 'co-writer' hid until they had left, and then emerged, curled up in "his" cubby on my desk as I wrote, making it quite clear that it was I who had been adopted by him as the object of his attention and affection not just any "random" human folk who happened to drop by no matter how well intentioned they might be...

  3. I think I just fell in love with Little Lord Oliver! ♥

  4. Oh thank you RJ!<3 ...Little Lord Oliver has quite a ring to it! This is he in the newly added photos.