Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrate Our Humanity

In this time of grief

and bewilderment

celebrate that in spite

of chasmic philosophic


from Arizona to Alaska

and all in between we

are one

united, indivisible and

in the wake of unspeakable

violence yearning with

singular human, humane

compassion for peace

and harmony

moving this great experiment

one step closer to the ideal

of one country, of-by-and-for

all the people

starkly jolted from ivory towers

and jargoned catchy rhetoric to the reality

of the crimson common blood that

runs in all veins and can be spilled in senseless

insanity or protected

it is simply up to all of us

to grieve the tragedy

and in the common grieving

celebrate the opportunity

to do better...

With respectful memory of those who on a bright Arizona day, lost their lives, with respect for those who were injured and in honor of those who courageously put themselves in harm's way to help. And, to paraphrase Jon Stewart - with grateful recognition that despite rhetoric and abstractions in reality we ALL continue to hold the capacity to be horrified.