Sunday, August 1, 2010


20/800 vision wasn't very good-I promised as soon as something
could be done I absolutely would
this at a time when I could bounce-a quarter on my abs
living in a turquoise land-devoid of yellow cabs
...springing tight muscled-from a sailboat far out to sea
where all shimmered under surface-blurred impossible to see
An impressionistic painting-my life under sea and up above
to see all the wonders that there were - a distant surreal love
Years passed and books and degrees- reading long into the night
holding tomes against my nose in the near dark tiny I did write
Until a time when youth had passed-and the turquoise sea rolled far away
and laser surgery was finally here - I lined up right away
It worked and I could see in the distance up ahead
Forgetting that now my vision used for writing and reading what is read
Reaching for glasses when diving in this stage's sea of wonders
seeing distance now instead

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