Friday, August 6, 2010

My Unicorn Bride - Daughter of My Heart

It was August of the 6th  Two thousand and ten
And a new chapter of life's journey was about  to begin
The page turned softly in the warm fragrant air
Together they memorialized their love for each other along with their care

Yes, it  was august the 6th in the year of two thousand ten
Childhood memories swirled vividly about like a glimpse of yesterday 
On today.... this ....your wedding  day

Of unicorned satin tiny pillows 
strung with glittered stars 
from the ceiling on invisible thread
So when you woke in the morning they 
floated sparkling round your head

A smiling little girl quiet, .....yes quiet,....
powerfully resilient and certain strong 
Who sang always to the music 
of her own true compassed heart song

Father 's baby girl...    
to me birthed through the center of my heart
A different powerful love born of mutuality did impart

We laughed in hot chocolated winters and dreamed  of a day 
when from the cold and to the islands we would commandeer all and simply run away

Years have ribboned slowly through life up until the sweet night here.
When my sweet daughter of my  heart joins with her love  so dear

A perfect union of the woman  you 've become adventurous  spontaneous and free
I want you to know that ideally this IS the way
a mom and daughter run away to be

For each mom knows that the greatest love you can give
Is raising a daughter who embraces life in her own way to live!

And so I stand before you with a proverbial blessing on your smiling glowing  head
As you are now joined  in marriage in a love that stands primary above all others in their stead

Enjoy the memory making 
enjoy the laughter and the fun 
enjoy the hand that will be there to hold when all is just begun. 

Run in joy down through each day  and hold fast when day is done

For my little unicorn bride daughter of my heart
Take my love with you and your father's, your  brothers', sister-in-law, nieces' friends' and
of course new family too
love sealed and witnessed by us all at this the culmination of both of you
On this softest night of august 6th in the year two thousand and then ten ..
let the love sparkling brightly,
warm you always as hand in hand 
wife and husband you begin...

Off you go.....enjoy the ride!

We love you ....


  1. Pearl,
    This is beautiful! I love the words "For each mom knows that the greatest love you can give
    Is raising a daughter who embraces life in her own way to live!"
    A few moments ago, my daughter of 23.5 years just went out the door to go with 3 friends, one of them a bride-to-be, to celebrate as a group the upcoming day of wedding. I see them embracing life and I smile, just like when I read your poem. May they always be so!

  2. Thank you Patricia... May they always be a great title for a poem!

  3. Thanks, Pearl, re title thought.
    I am sharing this poem you wrote with my daughter and friends as it seems like a perfect fit at their summery state of life.

  4. Pearl--in line 12, is the last word bed or heard? Thanks.