Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopping For Enlightenment

At the banquet table
laid sparkling with light
smile at the mother Mary
gentle with her child in star studded night
hear the echoes of Moses roaring at the sight
of those failing to constrain idolatry in the fire-light
turn in gentle karmic circles of lessons yet to learn
lessons that are yet unknown and things that come to be
the banquet table melting into the horizon blurred so suddenly
shopping for enlightenment, not lending to a cafeteria style take
knowing only tasting each and all does not a wholeness make
discerning a strong sense that this is not the way
yet the direction where the way is, not known for me to say
allow one to be filled with prismic rainbow light
bask in cleansing washed in synergetic strength in gentle might
absorbing the grand elegance of the natural from the smallest micro cell
to an entity or divinity, or a beingness, beyond human power to conceptualize and tell
the mystery and joyful held in the connection that unites the totality of the all
feeling oneness that weaves as on a loom forth and back from grandeur to the small
shopping for enlightenment the essence of the human story long continued to be told
ending always with the recognition that enlightenment cannot be bought, or taught, or sold

For Paul
In honor of his gentle understanding of many roads, means and ways, with best wishes for his continuing journey.

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