Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Maiden, The Prince and the Child


The Maiden, The Prince and the Child 


Once upon a time in a land far off and away

there was born a little girl in a most unusual way

to a maiden who was young and a prince who

heart was failing as he lay upon a hospital bed – 

a tiny girl child arrived without customary portents…

instead – 

On the eve of the young prince’s wizardly cardiac operation 

with loved ones waiting in scrunched faced anxious anticipation 

the young maiden paced, felt stirring, a rushing urgency in her gut

and with fast patters down a hallway she 

spied a chair next to her princely lover but -

could not sit - it seemed there was something there, there, 

far larger than any pea – twas the referenced little girl slipping …  

into the world – dusted with mystery, magic and curls –  

unexpected – manifested from wherever –



  1. This is a story a parent could tell and a child could delight in--a true fairy tale!

  2. Wow, this is a birth of fables. Imahine slipping into the world so easily.......a wonderful tale!

  3. Stories should begin like this one!! " dusted with mystery, magic and curls !!!

  4. I imagined the little girl as a special angel, a patron of healing, for the young prince, which made me hope all would be well for this lovely trio!

  5. A magical entrance into the world in an un-fairy tale setting, but with happy-ever-after written all over! A lovely read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  6. What an arrival! Very much princess like. Beauty of a poem, Pearl.

  7. Welcome to the going world, Little Ms. Stardust!