Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Doors Doors Doors ....

Doors Doors Doors ...

Hallways limned with eye stretched lines of door after door

Straight, twisted, crystal, planked, illusory, sidewise, more and more

found down in childhood rabbit holes in verdant gardens green 

on and on appearing, in places contrived, concocted, and unseen

Big doors, small doors, mouse doors with cartoon cats awaiting

pretty doors, shabby doors hanging on their hinges, sealed doors,

cracked doors, revelatory, deceptive, secret doors, all with lessons baiting

Doors that swing open bang you upside the head – amid them that singular

door that fills most with dread - 

you know that door, the door that shall hungrily open swallow and mark you - doornail dead - 

Onward  – 

Doors hiding tigers and ladies behind their planks

Doors shimmering with jewels, with joy, with ecstasy, as gasping into thanks

Doors that open into my body to enter love and exit the miracle of child

Doors that are pristinely quietly shut and others flung wide and wild

Motorcycles behind some and hearses  draped in black

Door limned and shimmering ahead and doors looking back

Doors oh doors they say when one closes another opens 

Sometimes this is good and true 

Others times slammed in one’s face shocking throughout and through

Oh these gobsmacked doors … 

Swinging, locked, open, ajar, others just a slivered, silver, Siren-calling crack

Some beckon with fresh white  paint and dripping trellised perfumed roses

Others draped in sinister solid black

Always among them that door that will open up - that final final door– 

a knob here and there  turned tenuously recklessly, curiously, anxiously, 

will-o-the-wisp devil-may-care - up until now always opening onto more

In front once they marched onto a horizon far far beyond sight– now ahead one ponders

how many more, doorways, how many more or less doors to try,  how much more light…? 

Someday whilst looking back, forward, or distracted by life's mundanity and more

The door - The door - The door - 

That door will fling open to klieg lights of stardusted  Universe

And there shall be … Yes, there shall be …..


Did you think I had a conclusion, that I have a vision, to share all that I clearly see?

No, dear readers, this is where we must stop and heed the peal of carillon clarion call  

Where we must cease hypothesizing that this significant door is actually the end of all

For unknown in the stardusted spectrum of eternity there just might be an endless hall  



  1. This was a great read...just building up energy with the repetitions and leading back to the last dark door...wonderful..."Door limned and shimmering ahead and doors looking back" - that's it- every single day!

  2. So many ways to look at and feel for doors - you opened up a wealth of opportunity and I'm glad the conclusion was as was it was for doors never remain permanently open or shut - Jae

  3. This was a very interesting piece and certainly was inspired . Well done.

  4. So many doors I your poem, Pearl, and so many to love, especially the ‘mouse doors with cartoon cats awaiting’ and the ones ‘hiding tigers and ladies behind their planks’ – they made me smile.

  5. So many different doors! who would have imagined? I can't even choose a favorite, but I must say I liked your ending! I like that in eternity there just might be an endless hall. Who knows?

  6. You have thought of All Possible Doors. I especially love the idea of the door that opens to the star-dusted universe. Wonderful!

  7. "now ahead one ponders

    "how many more, doorways, how many more or less doors to try, how much more light…? " I'm glad you ended this with a possible endless corridor. It's a cool idea, and one I have enjoyed, though more and more, when tired, I think "the end" might be much more restful and kind.

  8. An amazing read Pearl. To think up of so many doors....absolutely brilliant! "mouse doors with cartoon cats awaiting"... I find this door to be the sweetest among all the doors present here.

  9. I love this wandering through the universal experience of doors, a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences, leading to the final inevitable one that makes us catch our breath expectantly. Wonderfully worded open-ended questioning and imagining at the close, Pearl.